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Werther International Inc. has teamed up with FIAC srl to offer their innovative rotary screw compressors to their distributors in the North American market.

25 years of engineering excellence and manufacturing experience have produced the most reliable, energy efficient, quiet running rotary screw compressors available today, with a customer friendly design that is easy to maintain and service.

Our hard-earned reputation for quick and responsive customer service and distributor support makes our rotary screw compressors the ideal choice for most applications in many industries.

Werther International Inc. offers an extensive line of air compressors from fractional Hp to 100 Hp, lubricated and oil free, silent and quiet running.

Should our standard stock program not suit your needs, we are able to custom design a unit for your OEM requirements.

Werther International SpA in Italy is a leading manufacturer of automotive service equipment, whose smartly designed products are available trough us in the USA, and trough a worldwide network of distributors in over 90 countries.


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