Chemical & Petrochemical Industry Air Compressors

Chemical & Petrochemical Air Compressors

Handling chemicals and petrochemicals requires a clean, safe working environment. Werther International designs, develops, and delivers high-performing, ultra-quiet air compressors ideal for a wide variety of applications in the chemical industry and petrochemical industry.

Werther International’s air compressors are expertly engineered, skillfully crafted, and rigidly tested to handle the stringent regulations in the chemical and petrochemical industries.

Can’t find what you need among our existing products? No problem. Werther International can design and manufacture a customized air compressor solution to your exacting requirements and specifications.


Why Do You Need Air Compressors for the Chemical & Petrochemical Industry?

Chemical and petrochemical companies work with toxic and combustible gases every day, so high-quality, high-performing air compression equipment is crucial for safety and efficiency.

Working environments at chemical and petrochemical operations are strictly regulated and stringently protected to keep the air and employees clean and safe.

What Are the Common Applications for Chemical & Petrochemical Air Compressors?

In the chemical industry, facility management companies, operators and site equipment manufacturers use Werther International high-performing, low-noise air compressors to:

  • Clean products
  • Safely move products on assembly lines
  • Control valves and cylinders
  • Separate nitrogen
  • Remove air moisture
  • Keep environments dry
  • Control pneumatic valves
  • Manufacture fertilizer, ammonia, urea, nitric acid
  • Create air curtains to provide safe and clean areas
  • Safely operate fluid pumping systems in volatile environments without the risk of explosion

Common Equipment for Chemical & Petrochemical Applications

Werther International supplies these top-quality air compressors ideal for a wide variety of applications in the chemical industry and petrochemical industry:

Why Werther International?

Werther International has the experience, expertise, and equipment to supply the high-performing, low-noise air compressors you need for any job, no matter how big or small.

  • Operating for nearly a half-century
  • High-quality products available in more 90 countries
  • Offer a full range of sizes
  • ISO 9001 and ISO 134585 certified
  • Can custom design products to your specific OEM requirements
  • Quick, responsive customer service
  • Robust distributor support
  • Three fully-functional production areas
  • Utilizes cutting-edge technology

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