Laboratory Air Compressors

Werther can manufacturer a custom solution for multiple compressed air applications. We understand the priority for a vibration and noise free source of compressed air, and have crafted a perfect solution for laboratories and clean rooms. For most laboratories and clean rooms, we recommend our top of the line, Panther silent air compressors.

Most Commonly Used For:

  • Gas chromatography (G.C.)
  • High performance liquid chromatography (H.P.L.C.)
  • ION chromatography (I.C.)
  • Spectroscopy (X-ray, Infra-red, Ultra-violet, AA, mass, NMR, ICP, FT-IR )
  • Rheometers, viscometers
  • Particle size analyzers
  • Optical tables, microscopes
  • Generators (membranes) for Nitrogen, Oxygen, CO2-free purge air, Zero Air
  • Helium recovery
  • Clean rooms
  • Label printers
  • Laboratory automation
  • Gas & Vacuum sealers
  • Transfer of liquids, dispensing, bottling
  • Spraying/rinsing of bottles, test tubes, glassware, ...

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