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A laboratory grade air compressor is required for a vast range of applications in the research, medical, education, and pharmaceutical industries. These air compressors can be located in cleanrooms, university research labs, and production rooms to provide clean, dry, and compressed air. Since the compressors are placed in the labs, it is important for these machines to be silent and vibration free. Werther International’s laboratory air compressors are known for being reliable, and they meet the strict requirements of the industries that use them.

Why Do You Need Air Compressors for Laboratories and the Pharmaceutical Industry?

For laboratory applications, it is extremely important for the air compressors to be efficient, silent, and trusted because the industries that use laboratory air compressors require clean and contaminant free compressed air. Werther understands the priority for a vibration and noise free source of compressed air and has crafted a perfect solution for laboratories and clean rooms.

Common Equipment for Laboratory Applications

Laboratory applications require specific air compressor products to make sure that the air in the labs remains dry and clean. With years of experience serving these industries, Werther provides equipment suited for these specific applications.

We commonly see the following products used for laboratory applications:

What are the Common Industries and Applications that use Laboratory Air Compressors?

Laboratory air compressors are commonly used in the following applications and industries:

  • Universities
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Medical
  • Research and Development

Each of these industries uses laboratory-grade air compressors for a vast range of applications. Some of the most common applications include:

  • Gas chromatography (G.C.)
  • High performance liquid chromatography (H.P.L.C.)
  • ION chromatography (I.C.)
  • Spectroscopy (X-ray, Infra-red, Ultra-violet, AA, mass, NMR, ICP, FT-IR )
  • Rheometers, viscometers
  • Particle size analyzers
  • Optical tables, microscopes
  • Generators (membranes) for Nitrogen, Oxygen, CO2-free purge air, Zero Air
  • Helium recovery
  • Clean rooms
  • Label printers
  • Laboratory automation
  • Gas & Vacuum sealers
  • Transfer of liquids, dispensing, bottling
  • Spraying/rinsing of bottles, test tubes, glassware,

Why Werther International?

Werther can manufacturer a custom solution with cleanroom air compressors for multiple compressed air applications. For most laboratories and clean rooms, we recommend our top of the line, Panther silent air compressors. Our laboratory air compressors are ISO certified and are exceptionally quiet to meet your needs. 

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