Silent Air Compressor

Panther Silent Air Compressors

Werther International Inc.'s line of Panther silent air compressors is the only choice when quiet, dependable, and compact design is a must.

Easy Installation and Trouble Free Operation

Each high performance compressor is built with quality in mind and comes fully equipped with powder coated air tank, pressure switch, 5 micron line filter, pressure regulator, and gauges for easy installation and trouble free operation.

Exceptionally Quiet Air Compressor

When operating under full load this line of ultra-quiet and low noise air compressors offers low decibel levels as low as 30 dB/A.

Certifications & Quality Engineering

Since Werther is ISO 9001 certified, our silent air compressors are built with durability and strength in mind.

Industrial Applications

Our Silent air compressors are a great solution for medical, dental, and other healthcare applications. The medical-grade and dental air compressors are quiet, dependable, and great for hospitals, dental offices, vet offices, and more. 

Silent Compressor Pumps

Silent Compressor Pumps

Indispensable when a vibration and noise free source of compressed air is a priority.

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Silent Compressor Packages

Silent Compressor Packages

Provides a turn key solution and an easy installation and start up for most applications needing a source of quiet compressed air.

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