Food & Beverage Safe Air Compressors

Food & Beverage

Werther can customize any compressor to fit all food and beverage safe standards. Our compressors are perfect for the food and beverage industry and are easily adaptable to all related applications. From cooking, storing, maintaining and dispensing food; our air compressors are made to the highest industry standards for safe handling. View some of our top of the line air compressors.

Food Safe Compressor Common Applications:

  • Bakeries (spraying of vegetable oil)
  • Coffee automats
  • Dispensing draught beer (nitrogen generators a.o.)
  • Dispensing soft drinks (cola, ...)
  • Dispensing mayonnaise, ketchup, mustard.
  • French fried vending machines
  • Food processing. packaging (agitation, transfer, pressing, sealing, ...)
  • Hydrofors (pressurization of water supply)
  • Ozone generators (water treatment)

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