0.01 Micron Filters

0.01 Micron Filters

What is a 0.01 Micron Filter?

Compressed air 0.01 micron filters are designed to clean compressed air of unwanted oil or vapors. They use an interception principle and put the oily particles through the coalescence process. Used as an after filter for one of our air dryers, .01 micron post filters are available with automatic drain. They are designed to allow for an easy replacement of the filter element. If you are in need of a .01 micron compressor post filter, request a quote with Werther International.


Why use a .01 micron compressor filter?

The 0.01 micron filter uses a filtration process to remove unwanted contaminants from compressed air. These filters use the interception principle to remove the impurities, and they are also able to put the oil particles through the coalescence process. The remnants of the oil particles come together to form larger droplets which fall, through gravity, into the cup of the filter. This type of filter can also function as an oil separator.

Benefits of using a .01 Micron Filter

Werther International’s .01 Micron filters are designed with our consumers in mind. These filters work great in a vast range of applications, and the following are some of the main benefits of using our filters:

  • The filters remove unwanted particles from the air
  • They are available with automatic drain
  • The filters are designed for an easy replacement

Common Applications for .01 Micron Filters

Werther International’s .01 micron filters are used for a wide range of applications including:

  • Pharmaceutical
  • Cosmetic
  • Laboratory
  • Chemical Processing
  • Food & Beverage
  • Medical
  • Biotechnology
  • Dental
Description CFM Port
C0164-SF6Line Filter103/8"AutomaticView BrochureQuote
C0164-SF7Line Filter151/2"AutomaticView BrochureQuote
C0164-SF8Line Filter253/4"AutomaticView BrochureQuote
C0164-SF9Line Filter413/4"AutomaticView BrochureQuote
C0164-SG1Line Filter593/4"AutomaticView BrochureQuote
C0164-SG2Line Filter713/4"AutomaticView BrochureQuote
C0164-SG3Line Filter1071"AutomaticView BrochureQuote
C0164-SG4Line Filter1071"AutomaticView BrochureQuote
C0164-SG5Line Filter1611-1/2"AutomaticView BrochureQuote
C0164-SG6Line Filter2262"AutomaticView BrochureQuote
C0164-SG7Line Filter2262"AutomaticView BrochureQuote
C0164-SG8Line Filter3002"AutomaticView BrochureQuote
C0164-SG9Line Filter3002"AutomaticView BrochureQuote
C0164-SH1Line Filter3502"AutomaticView BrochureQuote
C0164-SH2Line Filter3502"AutomaticView BrochureQuote
C0164-SH3Line Filter4002-1/2"AutomaticView BrochureQuote
C0164-SH4Line Filter4002-1/2"AutomaticView BrochureQuote
C0164-SH5Line Filter5002-1/2"AutomaticView BrochureQuote
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